Biomedical Writing and Editing

Manuscripts and meeting summaries are what I do, and I do them well.


As an expert medical writer and editor who has prepared and polished dozens of manuscripts, I can save you important time and unnecessary headaches in getting your article or book ready for submission for publication.

We work together to determine what might be in order to prepare your manuscript for submission or resubmission. These steps can include the following:

  • Preparing a writing or editing plan
  • Editing and rewriting for clarity
  • Formatting to publisher guidelines

We can start with your presentation notes and slides, or draft.

I think you are best person to help me out. I believe that you are best native checker.
— Neurosurgeon, Japan

A quality manuscript requires painstaking attention to detail. You accomplish that admirably well. Excellent work.
— Chairman, department of physical medicine and rehabilitation, USA

Thank you very much for your work. We plan to contact you in the next future, and promote the quality of your services among ours colleagues.
— Psychologist, Italy

I am very happy to work with you. I deeply appreciate your great help.
— Orthopedic surgeon, Japan

I am happy to see the text reads more clearly now with the all the corrections you added…. Thank you for the great work.
— Spine surgeon, Israel

Fantastic as usual!
— Executive director, adolescent women’s health center, USA

Thank you for doing such a great job with the edits!
— Journal managing editor, USA

Meeting Summaries

As a note-taker who has summarized numerous meetings, conferences, presentations, and telephone calls, I can help you make the most of your time and resources in developing the most appropriate records to suit your needs.

We work together to determine the best way to summarize your meeting. This might include the following:

  • Deciding on whether the note-taker should be on-site or off-site
  • Preparing to record the meeting
  • Determining how much detail is appropriate for your records

We would like to work with you again.
— Director, medical communication company, UK

Your article was excellent. Would you be attending the symposium this year? If so, I would like you to write an article on one of the talks. Please let me know.
— Newsletter editor, USA

I am very appreciative of all the effort and conscientiousness you put into your work.
— Senior writer, conference support company, USA

Thanks again for all your hard work!
— Senior writer, conference support company, USA